Interview with Bob

Robert D. Lane was interviewed by Laureano Ralón.

Robert D. Lane is an emeritus professor of philosophy from Vancouver Island University in Canada, where he taught literature and philosophy for 31 years. Lane was the founder of the Philosophy department at VIU (then Malaspina College). As the institution grew, he became the founding director of VIU’s Institute of Practical Philosophy, which is still an active player today in community issues and contemporary moral issues. Since retiring in 2000, Lane has served on the Nanaimo Parks, Recreation and CultureBoard. He also authored a book entitled Reading the Bible: Intention, Text, Interpretation, and founded the philosophy blog Episyllogism.

Read the interview here.

Letter from former mayor of Nanaimo


 Happy New Year Nanaimo – 2018 opportunity to “throw the bums out”

In October 2018 we will have the voting opportunity to “throw the bums out” at City Hall.

For more than 3 years fellow Nanaimoites have come up to me and asked:

“What the heck is going on at City Hall?”

My constant answer is: “Bill Bestwick’s ego. He is so greedy for power that he uses his majority control to attack and destroy any Councillor or staff who question him. The waste, lies, and incompetence now universally recognized, except by apologists for evil, stem from Bestwick and his goons.”

The response is invariably: “Well, it’s time to throw all the bums out!”

I agree, except for the two who have had the backbone to stand up to the bullies, Diane Brennan and Sheryl Armstrong.

This October the abused taxpayers of Nanaimo will have the opportunity, in the overdue municipal elections, to clean house and elect an independent council. I recommend you vote for those candidates committed to an independent audit of expenditures, and accountability for any illegal or misuse of public funds. Including, reimbursement personally from the abusers. Any fraudulent payment of tax money for ‘dismissal compensation’ aka ‘golden handshakes’ must be reversed.


Gary Korpan (Mayor, City of Nanaimo, 1993-2008)

[Gary, thanks for the copy of your letter! May I publish it on … “Episyllogism”?-  Hi Bob
Certainly. I intended it to be released as an “alert to the public” so feel free to disseminate it as you will.
Happy New Year, Gary]

NB: Transparency: once upon a time , Gary was a student of mine at Malaspina College in a building no longer extant. He went on to be a lawyer and the second longest serving mayor in Nanaimo’s history (Frank Ney holds the record). He continues to be active in city affairs.

Derek Parfit

In 2017 we lost a great philosopher. Derek Antony Parfit, FBA was a British philosopher who specialised in personal identity, rationality, and ethics. He is widely considered one of the most important and influential moral philosophers of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Here is a link to a 2011 New Yorker piece about him and his work.

And here is his obituary from The Guardian.