Sunday’s Sermon

“Earlier this month, Merriam-Webster announced that 2017’s word of the year is feminism. Searches for the word on the dictionary website spiked throughout the year, beginning in January around the Women’s March, again after Kellyanne Conway said in an interview that she didn’t consider herself a feminist, and during some of feminism’s many pop culture moments this year. And the steady stream of #MeToo news stories have kept the word active in search over the past few weeks and months.”

Check out these TED talks.

Looking ahead by looking back!

A few old letters that suggest that we may be in a time warp!


How disappointing to learn that math and science courses at John Barsby are on the blocks in order to “save money.”

Learning about the etiology of diseases — learning, for example, of the existence of bacteria and viruses has allowed us to offer protection through vaccinations for several destructive diseases.

Letters to the Editor: snapshots from the past.


The Nanaimo Daily News was a Canadian daily newspaper published weekdays in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia for 141 years until closing in January 2016.

For a time I wrote a column for the paper on the arts. And I often wrote letters expressing my community interests. Recently I found links to some of them.  Newspapers are a part of our heritage! You can find more of BC’s newspapers here.











Gun reg


Philosophy is good for the soul


Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis is pleased to announce publication of its newest issue.  The six articles that make up the current issue of volume 38 survey a range of issues germane to the practice of successfully teaching critical thinking and philosophy.


Editor’s Notes

Jason J. Howard


“Philosophy in the (Gender and Law) Classroom,” pp: 1-16

Stella Tarrant and Dr. Laura D’Olimpio

“Power, Pedagogy and the “Woman Problem”: Ameliorating Philosophy,” pp: 17-28

Hilkje Charlotte Haenel


“Socratic Aporia in the Classroom and the Development of Resilience,” pp: 29-36

Stephen Kekoa Miller


“Matthew Lipman’s Model Theory of the Community of Inquiry,” pp: 37-46

Darryl M. De Marzio


“Engaging Science, Artistically,” pp: 47-61

Vadim Keyser


“Teaching Philosophy through Paintings: A Museum Workshop,” pp: 62-83

Savvas Ioannou, Kypros Georgiou, and Ourania Maria Ventista

Quiz to follow!!