3 thoughts on “Newspapers and corruption

  1. Good article. But we don’t need to look to the south to see how the lack of newspapers contributes to a new era of corruption. In my own small Canadian town we used to have two newspapers that covered local issues. Now we have a weekly that does not include investigative journalism. Fortunately we have a local investigative journalist who does cover city news, but most people don’t know about him. I wish they did. If we spent less time helplessly bemoaning Trump and more time learning and speaking out about what is going on right where we live, we could perhaps make an actual difference.

    Try reading Dominic Jones: http://newsnanaimo.ca/author/newsnanaimo

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    • Thanks for the link. Our City politics are as crazy as Washington DC politics, for sure. And I seem to remember (harder than it used to be) a meme “All politics is local.”


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