Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


Big topic in the news right now: sexual harassment in the work place – and every place! Hollywood, Washington DC, Alabama malls, TED, many places, many victims, many perps.

What is sexual harassment? Trying to get a clear notion I went to philosophy sites to find an answer.

Sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or sexually directed remarks constitute sexual harassment when submission to such conduct is made a condition of academic or employment decisions, or when such conduct persists despite its rejection.

Sexual harassment is a serious violation of professional ethics, and should be regarded and treated as such by members of the profession. Colleges and universities should supply clear, fair institutional procedures under which charges of sexual harassment on campus can be brought, assessed, and acted on. – from the APA

Next I checked with the “DAILYNOUS” the profession’s information and news site.

There I found reports of cases, lawsuits, and an interview with Ruth Chang.

Now I am asking friends and colleagues to submit articles on the topic. I’ll keep you posted!

NB: I am collecting the series here.

6 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

  1. USA – From the NPR: Allegations of sexual harassment and assault dominated again and took new turns. As female members of Congress introduced “Me Too” legislation aimed at overhauling the system for filing and settling harassment claims for congressional employees, now-Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., was accused of unwanted kissing and groping in 2006. Franken had been hotly critical of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein for accusations against him. President Trump branded Franken “Al Frankenstien.”

    Meanwhile, Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey said she had “no reason to disbelieve” any of the women accusing GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual assault, many of whom were teenagers at the time, but she’s voting for Moore anyway. Republicans, she said, needed the leverage in Congress, citing Supreme Court justice appointments. That was similar to the logic conservatives used to rally around Trump when more than a dozen women during the 2016 campaign accused him of sexual misconduct, allegations the president has denied.


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  4. The “WTF is sexual harassment” link above is well worth a read!
    “So why the apparent confusion in the industry [Silicon Valley] over what, exactly, constitutes sexual harassment? Emerson has a theory or three. “I think often people who defend harassing behavior do so because they have engaged in such behavior themselves. Or they defend individuals accused of this behavior because they believe them to be generally ‘good people.’ Or, as a rule, they just don’t believe women.”


  5. Back in the old days (Days of Bob) this series would have been a public, in the theatre, huge series as part of the Institute of Practical Philosophy! As an SOB I miss those big public affairs. I have fond memories of the one on pornography.


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