On interpretation

Suddenly this morning I looked at the Houseman quote (above) with a different take on its meaning.

Help me out! How do you read it? Read the complete poem here.


The lines resonate with me because of  the notion of looking back on a rural life, and that is why I chose them to introduce these short stories. But, now I wonder – what does Houseman feel about the past?

2 thoughts on “On interpretation

  1. I find that “content” is ambiguous. Does it mean fulfilled, satisfied, as in “No, I don’t want to play. I’m content to watch” – or does it mean “The rainy weather spoiled our plans for the beach, so we had to content ourselves with a relaxing day at home.”
    Or, does it mean something contained?
    Or perhaps all are suggested?
    The word “happy” used close by suggests the first.


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