The Association for Political Theory

Dear Members,

The Association is pleased to announce the launch of its new mentoring initiative!  To support the professional development and encourage the well-being of its members, APT has created this program to match mentors and mentees in either short-term exchanges (e.g. specific professional development tasks like reviewing a CV, job or other application, essay draft, etc.) or longer-term mentoring relationships.  This program is for everyone: whether you are a PhD student, an early-career scholar, or a more senior colleague, we encourage you to take advantage of the tremendous expertise we collectively share.

Signing up is easy: simply click on one (or both) of the links below, answer a few simple questions, and you’ll be entered into the system.  We’ll connect mentors and mentees through an initial email and provide some quick and easy support, follow-up, and evaluation tools.

Mentors, click here.

Mentees, click here.

In support of this initiative, we’ll be holding a professional development workshop at the upcoming annual meeting in Ann Arbor on Saturday morning at 11 am: “How to Get the Most Out of Mentoring: A Workshop for Mentors and Mentees.”  We’ll also be registering mentors and mentees at the reception on Thursday evening and throughout the conference at the registration table. But again, there is no need to wait: if you would like to volunteer to be a mentor, or if you would like mentoring on a short- or long-term basis, just click on one of the links above to get started.  We encourage everyone who’s interested to register right away, and we ask your patience in the early weeks and months of the program as we build our database of mentors so that we can ensure timely and appropriate matches in the future.

For this initiative to succeed, we need colleagues, especially senior colleagues, to volunteer to be mentors.  The sign-up form lets you indicate the areas and types of mentoring you’re interested in, to facilitate good matches.

Looking ahead, the Association’s Standing Committee on Professional Mentoring would like to explore other forms of professional development programs we might offer as part of future annual meetings or webinars (such as mid-career development and grant-writing workshops).  If you have suggestions or ideas, or if you are interested in helping to develop these programs, please contact Michael Goodhart, chair of the committee, at goodhart@pitt.edu.

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