Looking Back



In 1982 we were learning about computers in the classroom and arguing about psychic phenomena with community members (and some faculty believers) MainlyMalJan26-82!

In those days we even had a psychic on campus – a student who was in my logic class!


Vancouver Island University in 2017. More on the history of the institution here.

Three brief stories anent “Presidents I have known”:

  1. Dr. Brookins and the John Birch Society.
  2. Dr. Bruce Fraser and the BC Socreds. [Read a review of a new book on Machiavelli.  
  3. Dr. Carl Opgaard and the birth of a new college.

2 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. In those early days faculty were busy coordinating course credit with Canadian universities. This often involved phone calls. Notice in the picture of the first location of the college that little building that was our coffee gathering place. One day while the history chair was getting a coffee a call came for her from the history chair at the U of T. The secretary took the call and explained that Helen was unable to take the call right then because “she is in the outhouse”.


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