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Reverence for Stalin rising in Russia

Joseph Stalin is among history’s most treacherous tyrants. And yet, he’s never been more popular.

When Stalin took power, millions of Soviet citizens were executed, worked to death and starved into submission. His regime murdered opponents, stamped out dissent and revised history books. But according to research by Moscow’s independent, non-governmental Levada Center, Russians today see him as the country’s most important political leader, writes Chris Brown.

When the group started polling Russians in 1989 on the country’s most important people, Stalin came in dead last. But by April 2017 he’d risen to the top spot, with an approval rating of 38 per cent. And in Moscow, there’s a brisk business in everything from Stalin T-shirts to selfies with Stalin look-alikes in Red Square. Source: CBC

English: Soviet Politburo passes resolution to...

English: Soviet Politburo passes resolution to execute 346 “enemies of the CPSU and the Soviet Power” who led “counter-revolutionary, right-trotskyite, plotting and spying activities”. Signed by secretary: I. Stalin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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