Meet Laura Mariño

As readers know, Laura Mariño is a regular contributor to the Blog. She writes from Columbia where she teaches and works on the farm with her husband. She is a graduate of VIU’s philosophy program where she contributed a great deal. Her next “Letter from South America” will be up tomorrow.

Marino grew up in the mountain town of Socorro before enrolling
in engineering at Javeriana University in Bogota. She was encouraged to pursue the field by her brother and she achieved success working on    major communications projects.

She worked for a time as an engineer in Miami, then came to British Columbia in 2003 after taking time off to sail the East Coast from Annapolis to the Caribbean. It was during that time off that she met the Canadian sailor who would entice her to move to Gabriola Island and marry.

Learn more about her here.

She writes, “ I’m living in Colombia now, teaching English and enjoying farm life with my husband Kelly and my five dogs.”

Laura writes “Letter from South America” for the Blog. –  Source.

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