One thought on “SS: “Welcome to the Anthropocene.”

  1. The Anthropocene era has its origins in the Holocene when homo sapiens succeeded in killing off Neanderthals (after mating with them and leaving 3% of the latter’s DNA in our chromosomes, save for Aficans). From the beginning of the Holocene, our species began wiping out other species, starting with large, slow moving mammals like the mastodon and woolly mammoth. We are the weed in the garden, a mutation that will destroy or forever damage life on earth as we know it. The origin of this mutation is what we call arrogantly “human intelligence” . While social scientists, philosophers and humanists have made much of our “accomplishments” (frequently at great cost to the environment and/or other humans), our (criminal) record for killing and enslaving others speaks volumes about “who we are”. See Elizabeth Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction.


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