This Week in Data Reading
by Krista on April 18, 2017

This week Boris shares a piece on the persuasive power of data visualization. Read something provocative in the field of data science? Be sure to share your links in the comments.

In “The Persuasive Power of Data Visualization,” a group of New York University researchers demonstrates the results of an experimental assessment: the claim that data visualization is indeed an effective tool for conveying a message.

One thought on “DATA

  1. Blog link,, and direct link to the study it refers to:
    The TL;DR: seems to be a qualified “it depends.”
    Our experiments suggest that the persuasive power
    of data visualization is dependent on the initial attitude of the participant.
    We found consistent results that charts lead to higher persuasion
    when participants do not possess a strong initial attitude about
    the topic. Tables, on the other hand, seem to outperform charts when
    the participants have strong initial attitude against the persuasive message;
    although these results are much more uncertain and need further
    validation. We performed qualitative and quantitative analysis to understand
    the persuasion effect from various angles. We believe our
    study design and methodology will be very helpful for communicators
    and researchers. Communicators can gain a better understanding of
    which factors and processes may have an effect on persuasion, and researchers
    can adopt and expand our methodology to carry out further
    experiments on persuasion.


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