  Revenge of the copy editors: Grammar pros find internet stardom
“People want to read, and they want to read without stumbling. And that’s where the copy editor comes in.”
  How to cover a hostile president
To truly confront this moment and emerge strengthened, the press will require new and sometimes uncomfortable strategies.
  The Obamacare story reporters are missing
The provision will affect nearly everyone with employer-sponsored coverage when it takes effect.
  We analyzed two weeks of Spicer press briefings. Here’s what we learned.
Mainstream outlets claim they are not called on as much as conservative media. After analyzing press briefings, we have a verdict.
  How Pamela Colloff became the best damn writer in Texas
“She is truly unique in the best way. In terms of the rarity of her toolkit, she is like a unicorn, chased by a chupacabra, eaten by Bigfoot.”
  “We posted on Monday night, and pretty quickly… media organizations around the country were tweeting it”
A red-state opinion editor on calling out Trump’s silence.

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