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Since President Trump’s election the media have presented us with a series of either “the end of democracy”or “we finally have a real man in power” stories. CJR editors argue it is “A ‘golden opportunity’ for conservative journalism. “National Review’s Jonah Goldberg thinks Donald Trump’s administration provides “a golden opportunity for quality conservative journalism.” Writing in his weekly G-File column, Goldberg, a conservative intellectual who is no fan of Donald Trump, says the coverage of Trump in the mainstream press has been hysterical, while pro-Trump outlets like Breitbart have produced only sycophantic praise.”  – [SOURCE]

Below, some context from conservative voices in the media.

2 thoughts on “The US Press

  1. Good question! Difficult to answer. Most people gravitate to media sources that are easy to read/watch/listen and that are roughly presenting the beliefs that are already held. Simple answer: be a skeptic or a sceptic! Pay no attention to the many poster memes that show up on social media.Use fact checking sites.

    Try to engage in dialogue/argument with people in your community.

    Avoid adverbs. And those who use them.


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