Good News

First letter in the series posts tomorrow, 1/13/17. [I know: Friday the 13th.]

South america tr

South america tr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A recent email exchange with one of our contributors who lives in South America should make readers happy!

As readers know we now have a monthly “Letter from Japan” and now we will be hosting a monthly “Letter from South America”. Both letter writers are graduates of philosophy at Vancouver Island University and both are talented women. A few words of introduction to Laura:

On our first meeting:

Laura, I can still easily bring up the image of you walking toward the White Spot on that day we first met. An exciting conversation we had! I hope all is well in your world and send along best wishes for 2016.

 I remember that day very well, Bob. For me, at that time, there was something very wrong: I was not thinking much and my mind was not happy. I was doing some job, making a living but that was so boring!. I needed some inspiration and I got the best. Giving you a call and meeting you gave me the motivation I needed and it changed my life!! I will never forget you asking me about religion and me giving you a naïve and simplistic view. I had never given a thought to my beliefs and their implications. How refreshing, Bob. That was water for that thirsty mind.

And my recent invitation:

Dear Laura,

Thanks for your recent comment on “Love” – I always find your comments interesting and this one is no exception.
I have invited a young philosophy graduate to write a monthly “Letter from Japan” as you have probably noticed.
I wonder if you would consider writing a similar letter from your home discussing education, culture, philosophy and whatever you are thinking about? Such a letter would be most welcome. Have a great 2017!

And the answer:

Dear Bob,

I am already working on my letter. Thank you so much for your invitation.

I LOVE 🙂 Episyllogism !

Laura. [Some additional comments here.]

Welcome Laura!

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