Trans Mountain Pipeline

pipelineTwo views. Comments welcome. Arguments solicited!

CBC News: Beyond the hippie stereotype: A closer look at the opposition to Trans Mountain

“If anyone could show me that the Trans Mountain pipeline was actually in Canada’s national interest, then I could wrap my head around taking some risk for that, but I don’t see how it is,” says Mary Cleaver, a Vancouver real estate agent who has steadfastly attended protests — occasionally with her kids — despite a gnawing belief that the effort is futile.” – Mary Cleaver

 Vancouver Sun Editorial: Trans Mountain Pipeline decision strikes the right balance

Despite what you hear from environmentalists, there appears to be a consensus that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau struck a good balance in his difficult decision this week to approve the $6.8-billion Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion while killing the Northern Gateway project and banning oil tankers from B.C.’s northern coast.

2 thoughts on “Trans Mountain Pipeline

  1. I disagree.
    1. The use of oil contributes to climate change.
    2. Climate change is dangerous for the planet.
    3. The planet sustains all life.
    4. LIFE is good.
    5. Pipelines help expand the use of oil products.
    6. So, we should halt pipeline construction.


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