Books for holiday giving

Loren Eiseley

Loren Eiseley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A friend came by recently at my request to choose some books from our library. (My wife and I are trying to “downsize”.) Books, as you know, are like friends or family members. One hopes they find a good home when they set out on their own! As he was looking through the shelves of books he came upon Loren Eiseley and, of course, as a keen reader he placed those books in the box. Those books have been friends for a long time and I was so pleased they were off to a good home.

I have reviewed two of them and invite you to read those reviews and consider those books for your own library or for gifts during the upcoming holiday season. Eiseley is a special writer who was/is able to bring together in a cohesive whole ideas from the sciences and emotions and feelings from the humanities. The Firmament of Time consists of six lectures he delivered when he was a Visiting Professor of Science at the University of Cincinnati way back in 1959. In a foreword he tells readers that the “purpose of the lectures was to promote among both students and the general public a better understanding of the role of science” as it evolves in time. Of course, since then science and especially technology has continued its rapid growth and influence on us in the 21st century.


Eiseley died in 1977 after many years of walking on the earth learning about, and reporting on, the world of natural science. The Star Thrower is a book that, like all great literature, never grows old – yes, obviously, we have made advances in anthropology and in evolutionary science since then, but, nevertheless, the basic science of evolution is much the same and Eiseley has a way of telling his stories that will illuminate the science and warm the heart.


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