Congratulations to Bob Dylan

US singer-songwriter Bob Dylan says he accepts his Nobel Prize in literature, ending a silence since being awarded the prize earlier this month.

He said the honour had left him “speechless”, the Nobel Foundation said in a statement.

The foundation said it had not yet been decided if the singer would attend the awards ceremony in December.

However, Dylan reportedly told a UK newspaper he intended to pick up the award in person “if at all possible”.

Read a review of Bob Dylan and Philosophy.

Listen to 1963 “Blowing in the Wind”:

3 thoughts on “Congratulations to Bob Dylan

  1. The Nobel for Literature is always controversial. Why? Literature is not science!
    Even Camus was criticized in 1957 For political reasons:

    Camus, the Nobel Prize winning French-Algerian writer, was himself at the center of controversy because of his efforts in the 1950s to promote a French-Algerian rapprochement rather than support Algerian independence. The dispute estranged him from many of his Parisian colleagues, made him persona non grata among Algerian “progressives,” and turned him into a symbol of arrogant French colonialism for many postcolonial intellectuals like Albert Memmi, Conor Cruise O’Brien, and Edward Said. Such intellectuals have disparaged Camus’s political writings, which called for “federation” and “civilian truce” and hoped against hope for a “middle ground.” But for these critics, even more guilty was Camus’s fiction, which, as his compatriot-adversary, the Algerian writer Kateb Yacine, also noted, treated Algeria as a natural landscape and a setting for the enactment of French-Algerian human existential dilemmas, but never as a place where native Arabs were masters of their own destiny.


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