Congrats, Bob! – from an sob

This was originally published back in 2008 when Bob received the OSA at VIU. A reader asked recently if we had video from the ceremony. So, we have updated the post with links to the video that should work. Let us know if there are problems.

Outstanding Service Award: Robert D. Lane

Robert (Bob) Lane began his career at Malaspina in the old hospital on Kennedy Street. He established himself as a committed teacher; throughout his career as an English, Creative Writing, Arts, and Philosophy instructor, he devoted many hours both in and outside the classroom.

Mr. Lane was a great contributor and builder of cultural life at Malaspina and in Nanaimo. In addition to his regular teaching duties, he was an active participant in the recruitment and advising of high school students, and participated in theatre productions, poetry readings, and art shows.

He always supported the arts. Mr. Lane founded the Vancouver Island Literary Society and brought up-and-coming poets, including Michael Ondaatje, to Malaspina. He was also was the founder and managing editor of Island, a literary magazine. Mr. Lane contributed to the performing arts, including the stage. When Malaspina moved to Fifth Street, Mr. Lane was the Special Events Coordinator and responsible for activity in all the arts on campus.

Bob was a great contributor to programming courses at Malaspina. He designed, supported, and coordinated new interdisciplinary courses while pursuing his interest in philosophy at the University of California-Santa Barbara and at Simon Fraser University. Subsequently, Bob founded the Philosophy department at Malaspina. In addition to his devotion to his students, Bob supported his colleagues in many administrative positions, including Area Chair (the equivalent of Dean).

Robert Lane developed numerous programs and founded departments at Malaspina, while also promoting the arts. He remained engaged with the community as a writer and scholar throughout his career by delivering public lectures and papers, writing reviews and chapbooks.

Mr. Lane will receive his Award during the June 3, 2008 Convocation Ceremony at 2:00 p.m.

Video: Dean Lane announces the OSA recipient.

Video: Bob responds. (some funny reminiscences!)

8 thoughts on “Congrats, Bob! – from an sob

  1. Congratulations, Bob. It’s about time they recognized your contributions to the students and the community. Are you speechifying?


  2. It should be a very splendid day A. Our son, Dean Steve, is escorting his father, so family pride will be evident. Friends, former students, and Grandson Erik will also be applauding. He’s only allowed about 4 minutes to speak, I’m pleased that SOB 89 posted some of his accomplishments. It will be fun to be in the audience.


  3. If you could only speak for four minutes, how on earth could you get to the meat of your speech? Two more questions, Bob: how did it go and how much was the cash prize?


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