Towards a Global Ethos
Special Issue – PHILOSOPHIES
Edited by Jean-Yves Beziau and Thalia Magioglou
Extended deadline: January 31st 2017

Submit a paper! “Donald Trump and PC” or . . .

At a time of increasing globalization, with interconnectedness and
communication intensifying, humanity is beginning to unify. It is
interesting to inquire according to which ethos. The expression political
correctness reflects a process wherein moral and religious values
increasingly share the stage with, and often defer to, more general
principles and strictures governing social conduct. But what are these
principles and strictures? In which sense are they proposed, formulated,
followed, enforced by politicians and other social actors?
Political correctness is presently culturally embedded in a particular
socio-historical context, that of the political debates of Western
Societies. It stigmatizes some values and promotes norms from the point of
view of these societies. We may wonder if it will evolve, and how, into a
more open and inclusive perspective.
Four basic issues:
1. The origin and development of the expression “political correctness”, and
its correlated semantical network, in lay thinking and in the public debate.
2. The sensible topics of political correctness: liberty, economy,
religion, human and animal rights, sexuality, health, education, nature
3. The, so to say, “ten commandments” of political correctness: what is
good or/and bad according to political correctness, which actions, for
which reasons in what contexts? And why?
4. How political correctness is related to central philosophical questions,
such as the meaning of life, truth and happiness
Featuring paper:
Political Correctness between  Wise Stoicism and Violent Hypocrisy
Lorenzo Magnani, University of Paiva, Italia
available on the THINK page of our website

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