Our ancient human ancestors once lived as tiny bands of hunter-gatherers scattered across the vast continent of Africa. Numbering no more than a few thousand, small groups of intrepid humans began to move out of Africa, eventually reaching every corner of the earth. How did these early humans overcome the world’s most difficult terrain and ultimately dominate the planet? How did our forebears acquire the skills, technology and talent to thrive in every environment on earth? NOVA takes us on a spectacular global journey through the past, following a trail of fresh scientific clues to help unravel the mystery of how we got where we are.
NOVA: The Great Human Odyssey, a special two-hour episode, will air on Wednesday, Oct. 5, at 9:00 p.m. Watch a preview now at

2 thoughts on “Nova

  1. I agree with nebulaflash! It is a beautiful and thoughtful program. As we were watching it I kept thinking “I wish we had programs like this when I was a high school student!”

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