Reflections on the tenth anniversary of The God Delusion

On God . . .

Why Evolution Is True

Over at The Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta has been collecting quotes from atheists about the significance of Richard Dawkins’s book The God Delusion, which was published ten years ago today. Hemant says this about the book, “. . . you could argue that The God Delusion has created more atheists than any other book in history… with the sole exception being the Bible.”

Probably true.  The people quoted include David Noise, Robyn Blumner, David Silverman, Roy Speckhardt, August Brunsman IV, me, Rabbi Adam Chalom, Herb Silverman, Jason Torpy, Dale McGowan, and Dan Dennett.

What can you say about a book like that? I’ll quote Dan Dennett’s take, which is a definitive response to the book’s critics:

Four books appeared with a few months of each other a decade ago: Sam Harris’s The End of Faith, my Breaking the Spell, Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, and Christopher Hitchens’

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