Teaching tip.

Institute for Cognitive Science Studies

Institute for Cognitive Science Studies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Left and Right Brain

Left and Right Brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










Dan Lowe from the University of Colorado, Boulder has some suggestions that will help all who teach (not just philosophy).

Abstract: In the past few decades there has been rapid progress in cognitive
science with respect to how people learn. Indeed, it can be difficult to keep
up with all of the recent findings, and it is sometimes unclear how these
findings should influence day-to-day teaching in the philosophy classroom.
But one simple way to use the insights of cognitive science in the philosophy
classroom is to begin each class with a five-minute recap of the previous few
lessons. Cognitive science suggests that such a practice can greatly aid student
learning by increasing retention of material and skills. I explain why teachers
of philosophy ought to take the time to do such a recap by outlining some
recent and surprising findings in the science of how people learn, and put
forward concrete suggestions for making such a recap as effective as possible.


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