SS: What Matters?

What Matters? [from a recent lecture for English 273]

By Bob Lane

I want to thank Richard [VIU’s Dr. Richard Arnold] for inviting me and thank you for letting me participate in your class discussion. I want to share with you some general ideas today – ideas about life and about art, especially literary art.


Intention, text, interpretation

Myth = something that never happened but is always true.


  • All bachelors are unmarried adult males. (analytic)
  • 2 + 2 = 4

  • There are 22 people in this room now.(synthetic)

  • If there are 22 people in this room then there are more than 10.

  • Tay John chopped of a part of his arm.


John Dominic Crossan: “”Just because the Bible says “Jesus is the Lamb of God,” it doesn’t follow that Mary had a little lamb.”


“…The classical mind says, that’s only a story, but the modern mind says, there’s only story.”

“The ultimate limit is that human beings cannot get outside of story; we can get outside of particular stories, or particular forms of stories, but not outside of story as such. The world in which we live is a narrative world, created by and in our stories.”


Read the lecture notes here.

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