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Games: Graphics, Pixels, and the Art of Video Games
Video games as contributions to the world of art are highly contested and debated among gamers and non-gamers alike. As…

Literature: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Why Must You Be So Cruel to All?
A mirror provides a reflection of a person’s exterior representation, but cannot be relied upon as a contingent construct of…

Games: Dark Souls: A Game of Two Genres
With controller in hand, a gamer boots up any entrant of the Souls series by From Software with certain expectations…

Film: Fairytales and Feminism: “I Don’t Wanna be Like Cinderella”
Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast – all classic fairytales which have been around for generations, and have appeared…

Comics: Brian K. Vaughan’s Characters: From Lost to Saga
Brian K. Vaughan is a name that, to many, held little relevance until quite recently. If you grew up on…

Comics: What Does a Hydra Captain America Really Mean?
Spoilers ahead if you have not read the Captain America HYDRA issue #1. Steve Rogers: “A HYDRA Double Agent” Steve…

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