Sound from the Island

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Way back in the 70s I wrote an arts column for The Vancouver Sun.  Take a look at this piece on its anniversary!


2 thoughts on “Sound from the Island

  1. You were underwhelmed?
    Love this: The words are phoney. The movie is phoney. It is a hugely promoted, slick, pretentious, point-of-view bit of didacticism in documentary clothing. As Penelope Gilliat points out in her New Yorker review all the freak-outs,ill humour, tawdriness, and business opportunismare cut out of the footage. This leaves a kind of mixed-media banana freak-out of a flick aimed at the largest possible audience and selling celluloid happiness to all those who can feel their way through life without ever bothering to think.

    Tell it like you feel it, Bob!

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