VIU presents: leaders on learning

 Dr. SteveVIU Presents:

Leaders on Learning

“The Leaders on Learning Series is a new offering coming out of the Successful Student Learning Initiative – now in its second year supported and led by the Office of the Provost. There are 11 sessions over the next several months that showcase VIU leaders and their perspectives on learning as related to the topics that surfaced during the initiative. The one-hour sessions include the leader sharing a story, personal beliefs or a learning experience – and then an open conversation takes place on the topic. All sessions are video-captured and will be made available for all of the campus community.”

Series information here.

Watch Dr. Steve Lane’s contribution here. (Yes. I am the proud father of this contributor.)

2 thoughts on “VIU presents: leaders on learning

  1. Thank you for sharing! I attended a couple of teaching workshops at VIU in the fall, and I was amazed at the warm, welcoming atmosphere at those workshops. VIU does seem to place an emphasis on learning and teaching its teachers that I have not seen at most other universities I spent time at. Looks like John Black also delivered a session in this Leaders on Learning series. I’ll have to check it out!

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