Sunday’s Sermon


  • Title At the Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being and Apricot Cocktails
  • Author Sarah Bakewell
  • Genre Non-Fiction
  • Publisher Knopf Canada
  • Pages 440
  • Price $34

In a recent article, the philosopher Tim Crane wrote that “… the worry about Heidegger’s Nazism arises because his philosophy is thought to appeal to ideas like Volk (for example) which resonate with the Nazi ideology.” While this is no doubt true, it strikes me as a philosopher’s version of the “Heidegger problem.” For the layman, there is a different kind of question: If philosophy does not help one avoid Nazism, of what use is philosophy? Is it simply a pastime for those with a hypertrophy of the intellect? Or is it something with deeper roots in human life?

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