Moral Psychology: An Exchange

In response to:

The Psychologists Take Power from the February 25, 2016 issue

To the Editors:

Psychology originated as a branch of philosophy, and for centuries the two areas of inquiry have richly informed each other. Some of history’s greatest moral philosophers have written on the moral implications of “human nature,” “moral sentiments,” and “the crooked timber of humanity,” while psychologists have probed how concepts elucidated by philosophers are implemented in ordinary minds. As psychologists we have continued to profit from this dialogue, particularly since we have found philosophers to be the best reasoners in the academy: the scholars most likely to read carefully, summarize accurately, respect distinctions, and expose fallacies.

From The New York Review of Books.

Comments welcome – arguments most welcome!

5 thoughts on “Point/Counterpoint

  1. I recently wrote a chapter in an anthology about this very issue — recently, as in it’s not going to be published for who knows how long. I’d post an advance copy here, but it’s about 5,000 words and, well, that’s a lot of words. Anyway, I’m also keen to hear some good arguments about this!

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  2. Epi would be pleased to host your 5k words as an advance copy! We can always stick a “More” in the body of the text. I would like to read it here to see if you attempt to justify torture. 😉


  3. A couple of years ago we had a discussion of morality here on Epi (proving that we are scooping the NYRB!). Take a look at the canuck’s argument from those blog posts.
    The first post is here.


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