Way Back!


Looking online for free books? Old pages from your institution? Stuff from the past?

Are you familiar with the Internet Archive? You just might find what you are looking for. For example, several years ago there was a society called the Vancouver Island Society for Practical Philosophy and searching the archives yields several pages including this one.

Archiving our digital past is an interesting idea, and they have already over 469,000,000,000 pages of stuff!

7 thoughts on “Way Back!

  1. Re: “… the participating charities: United Way, Nanaimo Youth Services, the Institute of Practical Philosophy …”: There’s no reference to the IPP being a non-profit charity on the VIU site today. I wonder what the back story is to the change. 🙂 Is it fair to assume that the Vancouver Island Society for Practical Philosophy was a precursor to the IPP we have today?

    I talked a little bit to Robert and Carolyn about the IPP over the past year–I’m still fascinated by the fact that such a thing even exists here on Vancouver Island. They might be able to broaden the community reach of the IPP by piggy backing onto something like http://meetup.com to create a new IPP group that anyone with an interest in philosophy can join. It might help to advertise the talks better, too. The talks I sat in on have always been very good, but their attendance doesn’t quite reflect this.

    For the two upcoming IPP talks on doctor-assisted suicide, there was a related article in the Nanaimo News Bulletin recently: http://www.nanaimobulletin.com/news/371852011.html?mobile=true. I’ve toyed with the idea of contacting the author to let him know about the upcoming IPP talk, but I don’t want to overstep my bounds.


  2. 1. The IPP has never been a registered charity. I established the VISPP, which was a registered charitable organization, many years ago to be the fund-raising arm of the IPP. We raised $$$ for charitable activities in the community that the IPP was sponsoring. When I retired the VISPP was euthanized because it depended on a lot of volunteer work that no one else wanted to do.

    2, Robert is the director now and Carolyn the department chair. It is up to them to run the affairs of the IPP. It is different now from the past – evolution. Everything at VIU is different now.


    • Thank you for explaining the relationship of the society to the IPP. Yes, volunteer fundraising can take a lot of time.

      I re-read my comment and need to apologize–I probably did overstep my bounds. Please feel free to delete my comment. (And I did talk to Carolyn about some suggestions.)


  3. We used to do things like – Poetry in the Schools with local poets going into the classrooms and reading and talking about their poetry – an annual symposium on a Contemporary Social Issue – philosophy lectures in the prison and the schools in the area.

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    • OK, another tangent … When you gave lectures in prison, did you ever give any at Brennan Lake Correctional Centre? I ran into a former prison guard by the name of Joseph who worked there for many years and who retired around 2010.

      Joseph has some interesting ideas in political philosophy. He wants to abolish all political parties and establish a political utopia modelled after how Swiss democracy works at the village or community level. I first met him a few years ago when our kids did judo together and we’ve since had coffee together or chatted philosophy in the hot tub at the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre several times. He’s gone as far as trying to spread his ideas to far flung places, like Bhutan. I don’t think I’d ever had a philosophical discussion before where we ended up pulling out the constitution of Bhutan to talk about how constitutional change is effected. If you’ve ever met him, you probably know who I mean–he’s quite outspoken about his ideas (and has a few less savoury ideas, too).

      (These lectures in prison remind me of my small liberal arts undergraduate alma mater where some of the professors did the same. One of our professors taught quite a bit of eastern philosophy. Lore has it that the prison administration asked him to stop giving lectures after inmates started asking for solitary to meditate. Apparently philosophy can take away control from those in power … Who knew!)


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