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English: inductive and deductive reasoning

English: inductive and deductive reasoning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Editorial – Gustavo Cevolani

Interview with Graham Oddie – Gustavo Cevolani

Rationality and its Rivals, 10-11 December – Adriano Angelucci & Nevia Dolcini

Uncertain Reasoning – Hykel Hosni

Evidence-based medicine – Michael Wilde
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Erik van Aken, Production Editor

3 thoughts on “The Reasoner

  1. The interview at the start is interesting and I hope we get some discussion of it here. This claim is intriguing:
    ” I argue that there are genuine truth-evaluable propositions
    about value; that some of them are true (not all of them
    are false or truth valueless); that there are value attributes
    (properties, relations and magnitudes); that these do not
    reduce to non-evaluative attributes and states; that the value
    states are fully paid up members of the causal network; that
    we have epistemic access to values through experiences of
    them; and that these value experiences are desiderative in
    nature. If desires are appropriately causally networked with
    the values themselves then we can have knowledge of value by

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