On truth

Foundational philosophy

Foundational philosophy

What is truth? asked Pilate of Jesus; unfortunately Jesus didn’t answer directly.

Some time ago I was a commentator on a radio show called Insects and Robots out of Kootenay, BC. We talked about many topics on that show and one that listeners responded to was a show on truth.

You can listen to the “truth” audio files at soundcloud:

The entire show is here. The talk about truth is at about the 18 minute mark on the audio file.

Go here for an existential comic!


4 thoughts on “On truth

  1. I remember a distinction that Bob made in a class (before he walked out) among:
    1. Legal rules.
    2. Religious rules.
    3. Moral rules.
    4. Social rules.
    and the ways in which they may overlap (imagine a big Venn diagram) – and then try to determine if they are logically distinct. I believe they are all “constitutive rules” which get their truth value from a pre-existing body of Rules.


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