7 thoughts on “Poetry as a way of knowing

  1. Ken Cathers is a long time friend! He was a student of mine in year two of the College. Happy New Year, Ken!

    Ken replied on Facebook: ” Thanks Bob. You have been one of the key influences in my life. Not only did you teach me much about the craft of writing and how to think constructively you also taught by example on how one should take care of one’s family. Keep on being Bob.”


    • Best bet would be to contact the publisher Ekstasis Press in Victoria. Would send you a copy myself but just realized I am down to one copy. Not sure how that happened.


  2. sfualum – I just went to Amazon and found the book at a much lower price.

    Blues For The GrauballemanNov 15, 2007
    by Ken Cathers
    $19.95 Prime
    Only 1 left in stock – order soon.
    More Buying Choices
    $14.00 used & new (2 offers)


  3. SBN 978-1-897430-06-4 Blues For the Grauballeman (poetry) 19.95
    published 2007 106 pages

    Blues For the Grauballeman creates a landscape of language that engages the reader not only on a visual and visceral level but on an emotional and intellectual one as well. As the poet digs for truth and sifts through layers of meaning, the poem embodies a created experience: the physical body of utterance, the archeological flesh of meaning.


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