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While going through some old albums we came across a report on Arts 1 from 1975. So, a forty year old report on a new offering at the post-secondary institution that was then called Malaspina College (since it has evolved into its current status as Vancouver Island University).

It’s an interesting read. Partly because of the tone but more importantly what it suggests about the students and their response to this interdisciplinary course of study.

The three instructors involved were Diane Einblau, Sociology; Morris Donaldson, English; and Bob Lane, Philosophy (a picture of young Lane on the left).

“Arts 1 – A Gentle Report” written by Bob Lane and Diane Einblau

NB. Both Ms. Einblau and Mr. Donaldson are deceased.


13 thoughts on “Arts 1

  1. Did Arts One morph into Liberal Studies? I can’t help but sense that the spirit of this report is very much alive in the Liberal Studies department at VIU.

    I wonder what would happen if someone were to submit a report like this today. 🙂

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  2. Although I believe that were I to write a paragraph like this one today it would make it through the committees:

    Three of the 4 I’s that we started out with were completed but only 2 of
    the 3 I’s who were doing the teaching remained, which means that 2 of
    the I’s had now to deal with one of the I’s, while 3 of the I’s had
    dealt with 3 of the I’s in the first semester, which reminded 1 of the 2
    remaining I’s that one of the thieves was damned and one of the thieves
    was saved. The I that was not reminded that one of the thieves was
    damned and one of the thieves was saved suspected that the one of the
    three who was gone believed that risking his life was better than risking
    his sanity. At this point the 2 remaining I’s were reminded of Samuel
    Beckett’s warning: “No meaning where none intended.”


  3. Bob,

    I was one of the students of the Arts 1 Interdisciplinary Studies course at Malaspina 1975-76. Bob, forty years later I still think fondly of that time. It was probably one of the key experiences in my life. I learned so much from this course, it widened my horizon, it opened my eyes to new perspectives. And I also remember the embarrassing occasion when I was being so unreasonable about a Wordsworth poem that it caused you to walk out of the seminar. Sorry. Thank you, Bob, for Arts 1.

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    • Bob, I am glad my comment reached you. Sorry to say that my memory is not giving me specific details about that seminar. It is rather a visual and emotional memory of the place, people and events at the time.

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        • Bob, I suppose maybe I am blocking part of that memory of the Wordsworth seminar. It was a bit traumatic. As far as I remember we were interpreting a somewhat sad poem about a (fatherless?) girl wandering through the bleak countryside. I had difficulties with my interpretation of this, and I implied that I found this poem a bit sappy. You were trying to help explore my position but I found that your words did not reflect what I was trying to say. So I rejected your perception of my interpretation rather categorically and insensitively (due to my immaturity). Out of sheer frustration you walked out of the seminar leaving me sitting there totally stunned. It was a learning experience too. 🙂 But in any case, you and Diane and Chuck left a big impression on me and I am glad I was part of that Arts 1 experience.

          BTW: Did Arts 1 only run only in 1975-76 or did it continue thereafter?


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