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Anime: Whitewashing of Asian Characters in Hollywood Anime/Manga Adaptations
2014 and 2015 were the years of new retelling of iconic Disney stories (Maleficent, Snow White and the Huntsmen, Cinderella,…

Animation: Understanding the Art of Stop Motion
Stop motion: the art of bringing inanimate objects to life. While some filmmakers might find this style of animation tedious,…

Anime: Digimon: Analyzing the Impact of the Monster Franchise
Most anime fans know what Digimon is, but not many are aware of how it started. The best selling electronic…

Film: Killing Superheroes: What’s Keeping New Superhero Invention?
The golden days of DC and Marvel Comics funneled humanity’s wildest imaginations into molds for great superheroes. And finally we…

Anime: Depictions of the Anime Lesbian: Land of the Rising Queer
While many studies on the depiction of queer characters focused mainly on American television shows, not much research has been…

Literature: Les Misérables in Film, Theatre, and Anime
This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the opening of the musical Les Misérables at the Barbicon Theatre in London. Since…

Anime: Alexander the Great: The True King of Fate/Zero
Anime has been known for adapting elements from historical figures and events to help curve the story in a certain…

TV: Nickelodeon’s The Splat: Bringing Back Classic Content for Millennials
With the recent All That reunion at New York Comic Con, the opening of the Goosebumps movie in theaters, and…

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