A Modest Proposal







The Gun Violence Archive was set up to keep track of the injuries and deaths caused by guns in the USA. The numbers are overwhelming. [Click on the image to go the site.]

As a columnist writes in The Washington Post, “We have the highest per capita rate of firearm-related murders of all developed countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention counted 33,636 firearms deaths in 2013.”

US politicians seem unable to act to protect the citizenry from gun violence.

Perhaps other countries in the world are in a position to assist.

Most governments provide travel advisories to their citizens to alert them to danger spots in the world.


For example, travel Advisories from the Canadian Government:

The following news and advisories highlight the latest updates on threats and conditions the Government of Canada considers unsafe for Canadians around the world, including protests, natural disasters, health conditions and other hazards. More detailed information on conditions abroad, including the full list of countries and regions for which travel advisories are in effect, can be found on our Country travel advice and advisories page and a full list of travel health notices is available on our Travel health notices page.


Now consider these figures:


And the modest proposal:

Given that politics in the USA is primarily driven by $$$, then

If countries will issue travel advisories warning against travel to the USA because of rampant gun violence that might get the attention of lobbyists and politicians who will not respond to loss of life but would respond to loss of $$$ from the travel industry.


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