One thought on “Pilate: “What is truth?”

  1. Great stuff!

    There is a traditional, and I think correct, refutation of relativism, that goes as follows: how about the statement of relativism itself, is it objectively true, or is it just a matter of subjective opinion? If it is objectively true, then the thesis is self-contradictory because it is refuted by itself as an example of objective truth. If relativism is an objective truth, then why shouldn’t there be a whole lot of other objective truths? If relativism is only a subjective opinion, then we have no more reason to accept it than its negation. Defenders of relativism feel that there is some sort of logical trick involved in this objection, that it really does not get at the point behind the radical perspectivalism that motivates relativism. If all claims are only made from a perspective, and perspectives are inherently subjective, then relativism could still be true even though there are these logic chopping objections that can be made to it.


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