Friedrich Nietzsche, 1869

Friedrich Nietzsche, 1869 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nietzsche on Ethics and Politics

Maudemarie Clark, Nietzsche on Ethics and Politics, Oxford University Press, 2015, 311pp, $65.00 (hbk), ISBN 9780199371846.
Reviewed by Neil Sinhababu, National University of Singapore


Nietzsche scholarship has made impressive progress over the last thirty years, with lots of excellent work now available to help puzzled readers understand Nietzsche’s provocative and often beautiful writing. Maudemarie Clark’s Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy was a big step forward in our understanding of his metaphysics and epistemology. Her Nietzsche on Ethics and Politics is a collection of fourteen essays mostly on Nietzsche’s practical philosophy, ending with four on metaphysical issues that are related to the normative issues discussed earlier in the book. Most were published previously — the oldest in 1987 and the newest in 2014 — though two are revised versions of unpublished lectures and one is a remix of material from her recent book. Some appeared in obscure venues, so this volume helps readers access all of them.

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