God and Nature

Human Cloning Raëlian

Human Cloning Raëlian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How often in public discourse do you hear someone say “You cannot do that, it is against the laws of nature”? Or, “you cannot play God!”?

Public debate is rife with poor reasoning, with certain confused or erroneous claims popping up again and again to affect opinions and policies. Some of these are owed to an inability to understand statistics, some are owed to a lack of scientific understanding, and some are philosophical mistakes.

A recent interview published in Nautilus challenges these claims. Australian bioethicist Julian Savulescu has a knack for provocation. Take human cloning. He says most of us would readily accept it if it benefited us. As for eugenics—creating smarter, stronger, more beautiful babies—he believes we have an ethical obligation to use advanced technology to select the best possible children.

What do you think?


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