2 thoughts on “Chomsky and The Nation

  1. Or– Habermas again–you could add more global power players to counterbalance the unbridled hegemony of a certain perceived rogue superpower over the long term. In his view, that would be a project of the European Union more worthwhile than a glorified economic free trade union, akin to a United States of Europe: “Only a European Union capable of acting on the world stage – and taking its place beside the USA, China, India and Japan – can press for an alternative to the ruling Washington consensus … Until now Europeans have been subordinated to the dictates and regulations of the American high command in NATO deployments. The time has come for us to attain a position where even in a joint military deployment we still remain true to our own conceptions of human rights, the ban on torture and wartime criminal law.”–http://www.signandsight.com/features/676.html

    Slightly liberal cut and paste. But the message is, if the status quo won’t budge, modify the (global) context that supports the status quo.

    Before we ever get into a discussion about whether this is a good idea or not, if would be interesting to see if the member countries of the European Union could even start pulling in the same direction at once, in part driven by the intellectual focus of a … philosopher. A German philosopher, whose country has a slightly tainted history when it comes to hegemony.


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