Note from old friend, Randal:

Coach Bob,

For your amusement—I sent this to some other friends yesterday.

Eleven armed bounty hunters in Arizona broke in and tried to arrest a 6′-3″ black man last night.
Problem is—the house is owned by a 5′-10″, white man, AND the Chief of Police!
But that doesn’t stop them, and THEY must be arrested themselves!

Apparently bounty hunters aren’t trained or regulated in Arizona, so ANYBODY who wants to carry a gun and go after people can do it. Really?

AND, the tip they were following came from Facebook, not from a reliable source like a warrant or subpoena!  – Source.

Oh, and speaking of the voting public, did you know that 34% of movie goers polled want armed guards posted in theatres!? – Source

Judging from the way the Police AND the Perps are shooting everyone down, perhaps no one should carry guns? Or everyone should carry guns? One thing is certain, our chances of getting caught in weird crossfire are increasing.


7 thoughts on “Recess

  1. Nebulaflash, there is no simple answer to your question.

    1. Context is essential. For example, if you are alone on a dark night in an alley surrounded by 12 haters, then survive. In many situations:
    2. Calm and deliberate discussion to determine what is going on.
    3. Attempt to discover just what the hater’s problem is.
    4. Argue for tolerance.
    5. Listen carefully to counter-arguments.
    6. Attempt to persuade.
    7. Then and only then employ the “F-word” attack.

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