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Decorative header displayed before Chapter I f...

Decorative header displayed before Chapter I from Jane Eyre: an autobiography by Charlotte Brontë. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Games: Fighting Games: The Depth Behind Their Fundamentals and Community
Down-forward Punch. Some read it as 2-3-6, referring to the keys on a number pad. Regardless of of someone’s experience with…
Literature: Analyzing Jane Eyre as a Contemporary “Bad Feminist”
Jane Eyre is, pretty indisputably, Charlotte Bronte’s most popular novel. This hallmark of Victorian literature, published under the pseudonym Currer…
TV: Sexual Assault in HBO’s Game of Thrones
Viewers were upset after the rape of Cersei Lannister by her brother and lover, Jaime Lannister, in the episode Breaker…
Games: Silent Hill 2: A Pinnacle in Gaming Symbolism
For those who have not played a Silent Hill game, the series may simply come across as a survival horror…
Animation: The “Just for Kids” Excuse: Analyzing Animation in Modern Entertainment
The topic of what makes any television show, movie, and video game as just “kids’ stuff” has been a topic…
Literature: Why We Need Mina-Centric Dracula
As one of the most adapted work of literature, Dracula has had many reinterpretations. At first the story was about simple good…
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