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Dear Colleagues,
We would like to bring a newly published special issue on the topic of
Process of perception, approach and framework ...

Process of perception, approach and framework of perception (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the Theory-Ladenness of Perception/Observation to your attention.
Theory-Ladenness of Perception/Observation Special Issue
Journal for General Philosophy of Science
Vol. 46, No. 1, pp. 83-214.
Edited by Ioannis Votsis, Michela Tacca and Gerhard Schurz
Contributions by:
William F. Brewer
Allan Franklin
Ellen R. Fridland
Martin Kusch
Robert N. McCauley
Athanassios Raftopoulos
Eva Schmidt
Gerhard Schurz
Major themes explored include: the cognitive (im-/)penetrability of 
perception, cognition and skills, designing psychological experiments 
that test for theory-ladenness, ostensive learning, the 
incommensurability thesis, the theory-ladenness of experiments, 
constructive empiricism, observability and scientific instruments, 
maturationally natural cognition and non-conceptual content.
Table of Contents:
‘Theory-Ladenness Special Issue: Introduction’
Pages 83-86
Ioannis Votsis, Michela Tacca and Gerhard Schurz
‘The Cognitive Impenetrability of Perception and Theory-Ladenness’
Pages 87-103
Athanassios Raftopoulos
‘Skill, Nonpropositional Thought, and the Cognitive Penetrability of 
Pages 105-120
Ellen R. Fridland
‘Perception is Theory Laden: The Naturalized Evidence and Philosophical 
Pages 121-138
William F. Brewer
‘Ostensive Learnability as a Test Criterion for Theory-Neutral 
Observation Concepts’
Pages 139-153
Gerhard Schurz
‘The Theory-Ladenness of Experiment’
Pages 155-166
Allan Franklin
‘Microscopes and the Theory-Ladenness of Experience in Bas van 
Fraassen’s Recent Work’
Pages 167-182
Martin Kusch
‘Maturationally Natural Cognition, Radically Counter-Intuitive Science, 
and the Theory-Ladenness of Perception’
Pages 183-199
Robert N. McCauley

‘Does Perceptual Content Have to Be Objective? A Defence of
English: Plato's idea of perception

English: Plato’s idea of perception (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pages 201-214
Eva Schmidt

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