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English: The Baines Wing at the University of ...

English: The Baines Wing at the University of Leeds. Taken on the afternoon of Tuesday the 4th of May 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Diversity

Here below is an interesting list of philosophy books to add diversity to your class reading (or for your personal reading).

The Diversity Reading List collects high quality texts in philosophy, written by authors from under-represented groups. Its aim is to promote the work of such authors and facilitate finding and using their texts in teaching. Currently, the List focuses on ethics, but in the near future it will be expanded to all areas of philosophy. For a broader description and the theory behind the project, visit our About page.
You can use the list by searching or browsing. To search for specific authors, titles or keywords, use the search function above. To browse, use the topic and tags menus on the left.
The List exists largely thanks to the involvement and recommendations of all those who care about making philosophy a discipline of equal opportunity. If you would like to recommend a text to be included, please use the form available on our Contribute page. Please use this page if you would like to send us any further comments or suggestions.
If you would like to share your experiences of, or suggestions for using a particular text in teaching, you can do so by posting a comment to the relevant List entry.

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