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The dinosaur hunter: TED Fellow Nizar Ibrahim searches for lost worlds

Posted by: June 5, 2015 at 11:55 am EDT
Paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim with the footprint of a predatory dinosaur, in  Gara Sbaa, southeastern Morocco, near the Algerian border. Photo: Robert Loveridge Like many kids, German-Moroccan paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim nursed a fascination for dinosaurs from a young age. The difference is, he grew up and actually found one.

Ibrahim vividly remembers learning about Spinosaurus, a massive aquatic dinosaur whose only known bones were destroyed during World War II. As a kid, Ibrahim dreamed of finding new fossils of this giant — and in his mid-20s, he succeeded. (Watch his talk, “How we unearthed the spinosaurus.”) He tells the TED Blog the story of how sheer determination and a bit of magic led him to find the world’s most complete specimen of spinosaurus, and how he’s reconstructing the ancient ecosystem it inhabited.

Can you actually say, “I have discovered a dinosaur”?

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And for all kids:


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