Dr. Richers’ three-parter on BIG DATA has been instructive. Now, Canadians, if you want to act, check this out:

The fight to stop reckless Bill C-51 has reached a crucial stage: the final vote in the Senate is expected within days.

A number of senators have spoken out against Bill C-51 over the past week, including B.C. Senator Mobina Jaffer who said on local radio that “this bill will not keep us safe, but is just a rhetoric that will divide us”.1

A growing number are saying that they will vote against it – but most have remained silent.2This Saturday, grassroots rallies are taking place across Canada, including a National Convergence to Stop C-51 on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

You can find your event here now.

Thanks again to Dr. Richers for educating us! Discussion is still open.

One thought on “Action?

  1. Thanks for publishing the Richers’ piece! I learned a lot – in fact I considered getting off the “grid” but then realized that there is no easy way to do so! 🙂

    Governments have a tendency to lie to us – is gathering all kinds of information really necessary?? an effective way to protect us? The US info gathering stopped 567 terrorist attacks or 1?

    Vote Liberal.


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