Journal of the American Philosophical Association

The first issue of the much anticipated Journal of the American Philosophical Association  is now available online.
The issue includes 11 articles representing a range of topics and approaches to philosophy. Editor-in-Chief, John Heil discusses the progress of the Journal so far and aspirations for its future in this blog.

To celebrate, you can access the entire first issue for free until the end of 2015.


3 thoughts on “Journal of the American Philosophical Association

  1. You know what’s funny (at least to my small hamster mind)? I wasn’t aware that they DIDN’T have a journal before. 🙂 Perhaps we’re spoiled by the likes of the Canadian Philosophical Association and their journal Dialogue.

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  2. One of the side jokes about all academic journals is that only about 1.2 people read each article from beginning to end. Apparently that 1.2 is comprised of: the author and the author’s spousal unit, who reads .2 and stops. 😉

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