Sunday’s Sermon


“Join our journey through a classic short story, ‘A Jury of Her Peers,’ by Susan Glaspell. Along the way, you’ll solve the mystery of whether Minnie Wright killed her husband and explore the story’s literary elements. You will also encounter rest stops where you can read more about the structure of story and take part in activities related to ‘A Jury of Her Peers’. “

We used this story once in a moral philosophy class. Worth a read or a re-read!

Exciting news today, dear readers! Below find links to a classic short story by Susan Glaspell that will ask you to consider some important questions about law and literature, relationships, obligations, women and the law, responsibility.

“A Jury of Her Peers”jury.jpg

Read it here.

Listen to it here.

Read about the story and its source here.

Read the newspaper articles about the case here.

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