Vietnam Revisited

Vietnam.(Photo: Department of Defense / Wikimedia)”March 29 has been designated “Vietnam Veterans Day,” according to a proclamation issued by President Obama in 2012. The Vietnam War, according to the proclamation, “is a story of patriots who braved the line of fire, who cast themselves into harm’s way to save a friend, who fought hour after hour, day after day to preserve the liberties we hold dear.” Now I have no problem acknowledging the debt owed to all whose lives were affected by this war, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians and Americans alike. What I find intolerable, even disgraceful, however, is that even 50 years later, our leaders are incapable of telling the truth about the war and choose rather to perpetuate the lie that these “sacrifices,” at least those of the Americans, were “to preserve the liberties we hold dear.” Such rhetoric – although perhaps inspiring to some – hinders reconciliation, dishonors the veteran, and damages the moral integrity of this nation.”

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