Review – Kierkegaard as Phenomenologist

Kierkegaard in a coffee-house, an oil sketch b...

Kierkegaard in a coffee-house, an oil sketch by Christian Olavius, 1843 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Review – Kierkegaard as Phenomenologist An Experiment by Jeffrey Hanson (Editor) Northwestern University Press, 2010 Review by Mason Tattersall Aug 20th 2013 (Volume 17, Issue 34)

The subtitle for this collection of essays on Kierkegaard as phenomenologist is “An Experiment,” and the experimental approach that this volume represents is both exciting and fruitful. The ten essays in the volume enact an experiment in historical-philosophical research allowing the reader to look at both Kierkegaard and phenomenology from a different perspective while at the same time highlighting a methodological approach through practice.

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2 thoughts on “Review – Kierkegaard as Phenomenologist

  1. The volume outlines a concise introduction of the humanities and scientific-frame narrative for the following, numerous case studies (individual whose valuable insights here can not all be mentioned). Since the beginning of modern times, therefore, promoted the appreciation of theoretical curiosity in the conversion of divine providence to an international order of contingency-ended experimental trial and play through the central recognition technology. The culture of experimentation remains not limited to laboratories, but it also includes human experiments, experimental procedures in the arts and depending on the width of the experimental concept and thought experiments, or political-social scale tests. The physicist and waste book-aphorist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg examined in May 1792 the French Revolution as a political experiment in which a nation’s state constitution reorganized, and Georg Forster, and Friedrich Schlegel, who in his Athenaeum Fragments 1798 by the “Try the moral chemistry in the Great “, wrote, trying to understand the political events in France as an experiment.


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