The Mass Murder Problem

  • by David Hillshafer

Skeptic magazine, vol 18, no 1 (cover)

This article appeared in Skeptic magazine 18.1 (2013).

OKLAHOMA CITY, COLUMBINE, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook. The list of mass murders in America grows and grows. Why? And what can we do about it? I have a personal interest in the problem of violence and mass murder. I was in Oklahoma City at the time of Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of the Federal building. I joined the Air Force on September 11, 2001. I served a tour of duty in Kabul, Afghanistan, where periodic terrorist attacks and occasional mass murders were a fact of life. I would like to bring to bear on this problem both my personal experiences with human violence and my scientific training as an aerospace engineer and data analyst.

Read the article here.

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